Effective Coaching Organization


Effective Coaching Organization


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    Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.

    Benjamin Franklin

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“Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!”

Ernesto Sirolli

While waiting for a doctors appointment, I observe a family that is arguing with their kid that must be around seven years old because they mentioned that he had just started second grade. The lady, I presume that is his mother, says, to him “you don’t think” How is it possible that you told your teacher that you did not know how to add? This is as a reaction to something written in his notebook. “Definitely you don’t think at all. You just needed to stay quiet. What is the teacher going to think about me, that I didn’t teach you how to add? I just hope that she know that is was your first grade teacher that did not do her job, the school id responsible for that.”  In a glance she turns to me, making her point, and says, “I don’t know what this society is thinking.”


Wow! What confusion of thoughts and just getting started, she includes me in the conversation. I really don’t know the details of what happened in school but the face of this little kid was just of someone that is lost. Her face reflected anger and the father just jumped in the conversation and expresses, “what wrong these days is that kids are born without a brain, that’s why they don’t think.” Before I could even reply they where called in to the doctor.


As I listened to the expressions that these people made, I ask myself, what did this lady really mean when she said that her son didn’t think and her husbands expression that kids are born without a brain, that’s why they don’t think? Each person is born with a unique brain that will be full of their own experiences in different and specific contexts. When we refer to our children education we have to see as a whole the family, the students, the teachers, the administration and the communities involved. Putting theses pieces together is very important for the educational team.


How great would it be to get the answers to how we think, how we feel and what is more important in a specific context? Can you imagine that these answers would give us the necessary information needed to develop the most valuable team, the family and at the same time integrate the important and valuable elements for a better education?


Mindsonar® give this opportunity because it measures how people think and what they find important in a given context. Helps generate more consciousness about the emotions, motivations, feelings and thoughts. Learn about how Mindsonar® can give an experience of this kind and the answers to build the best team of your life.