How can I help you?

Posted on: August 1st, 2011 by admin

Te Ayudo is equipped with a series of resources that bestows upon us the capacity to help us find the tools to allow you to take the first step.  Grant us the opportunity to support you in the creative process that can maximize personal and professional potential, helping achieve your goals and determine the optimum path to reach them.    It is imperative to develop the genuine knowledge of your feelings and emotions in order to understand how to effectively handle all situations in our daily lives.  Knowledge offers us the necessary power to enjoy a full life by facing situations from the root of the its existence.


We work with:

Mindsonar® – test that measures how people think and find important in a particular circumstance

Educational Coaching

Parent/Family Coaching for educational therapy – a unique coaching process that provides tools for the active participation or the whole family

Individual Coaching

Experiencial Learning Coaching and Workshops


Mindsonar® Test

Woodcock-Muñoz cognitive and achievement batteries

Individual Coaching

Group Coaching

Team Coaching


Experiential Learning Workshops